March 2011


I was taking a walk not too far from the neighbourhood I grew up in when I stumbled upon this area at the ground level of a block of flats (or what we Singaporeans refer to as a “void deck”), where many middle-aged and elderly (mostly) men gathered around with their birds.

I’ve never quite understood the allure the keeping birds as pets. But I suppose there must be something therapeutic about sitting around with one’s birds, listening to their call, over a chat, a smoke, or perhaps a coffee.


Every photograph we take contains a story, but we often do not spend enough time sharing that story with others. Hence, Foto Friday was born to give some recognition to these forgotten photographs and the memories they hold. Taken over many trips (2004-present) using my crappy cameras and whatever minimal photography skills I have, these photographs serve to give you a little insight into my travels. And if you haven’t realised by now, they’ll be out on Fridays.

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