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Sevilla's Saving Grace

Sevilla’s Saving Grace

I dare say I'm not quite a huge fan of Seville. But if I had to recommend one thing, I'd say - go visit the Plaza de España, for it will take your breath away.
Cadiz: Of Sun, Sand, Sea...Old People and Kids

Cadiz: Of Sun, Sand, Sea…Old People and Kids

Lazing by the beach under the Spanish sun in Cádiz with fried fish and a bottle of coca cola, the iPod plugged in - a perfect summer break.
Foto Friday: Fire beneath the Fiery Sky

Foto Friday: Fire beneath the Fiery Sky

The sky turn a fiery red as the sun set upon the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range in Granada, Spain. I hadn't noticed the fire in the city below, however.
A Look at Andalucía

A Look at Andalucía

Andalucía, South of Spain. White-washed Houses that dot the hills. Olive Groves that line the roads. Moorish-influenced architecture and culture. Here's a brief look at the beauty of Andalucia.
The Old Man of the Alcázar of Segovia

The Old Man of the Alcázar of Segovia

The thing about travelling solo is that often or not, you're never really alone as there will always be people you will meet along the way. But I was lonely that day, until I met Jose.
Foto Friday: Fulfilling Gaudí's Vision

Foto Friday: Fulfilling Gaudí’s Vision

I pay tribute to the artists and workers that continue to live out Antoni Gaudí's vision for La Sagrada Família in Barcelona, Spain.