It was  -10 degrees Celcius outside one late winter night in Kiruna, North of Sweden. I dumped my thick outerclothing and jacket, grabbed my towel and drapped it around my neck and made my way out of my guesthouse. Clad in only a thin tee-shirt, I was going to make my way to the neighbouring building, where the shower was – I did not think this short 10 metre walk warranted a thick jacket.

Just as I stepped out of the door, a flash of green appeared in the sky. The flash of green gradually got brighter, and began its dance across the sky.

The night before, we had spent 3 hours in the wilderness trying to catch sight of the Aurora Borealis, but saw none. Yet, tonight,  at the moment I had least expected it, practically clad in nothing, in the middle of the city centre, there it was – the beautiful dancing lights. It was a gorgeous sight to behold, a sight I’d never forget, and will forever want to relive.

A mere 15 seconds later, as fast as it appeared, the green in the sky faded away.

For all who have not had the chance to view an actual Aurora Borealis, this video by Terje Sorgjerd will be sure to leave you in awe, like the only Aurora Borealis I saw did:

The Aurora from Terje Sorgjerd on Vimeo.

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