“Are you mad?”

“So, you will be relying on strangers to offer you food and accommodation? Wow, that’s exciting!”

“Are you for real? London with nothing but a smartphone, social media, and 10 items? That’s nuts.”

These were but some of the first reactions I received from family and friends when I told them I was embarking on this journey to London for a week for the social media experiment themed “Can Man Live on Social Media Alone?”.

The spiel:

In conjunction with Social Media Week 2012Can Man Live on Social Media Alone is a daring cross-city social experiment to evaluate whether one intrepid traveller can depend on nothing but the goodwill of locals and the power of social media to survive in a foreign city for one week.  From 10 – 16 February, our #CanManSG and our #CanManLondon will trade cities, power up their social media channels and prepare for the best (or worst).


Along with the clothes on their back and a smartphone, each candidate will be given the opportunity to bring ten non-digital items in a backpack as part of their survival kit. In addition to having to ensure they have food and lodging each day, the candidates will be issued daily tasks, which will be posted on their Facebook walls. In the spirit of social good, the tasks will be charitable in nature and will help raise awareness around specific causes within the respective city.

And so, yes, it’s true. I’ll be in London from 10 – 16 February 2012. However, with no money, no accommodation and no food to even speak of, I need the help of each and everyone in the Social Media world so that I can fulfill the tasks.
Here’s how you can help:

1. ‘Like’ this page for updates on the tasks I’ll be carrying out – your tips may just help me help others.
2. Follow my tweets at @deafknee for live updates on this social experiment.
3. Offer me accommodation: yes, without your help, I may just end up sleeping on the park bench (did someone say Hyde Park?), or under the bridge (ah Tower Bridge is a good spot you say?). And no, I don’t think London’s benches will like me very much.
4. Feed Me: Oh yes please. I’d love you, you, you and you if you’d feed me.
5. Offer me transport: Oyster Card is the way to go I hear. One that is topped up to last tube rides for 5 days will be much (and I mean, MUCH) appreciated.
And yes, I also need a ride from the airport when I arrive!

Wanna help me to help others? Drop me a ping on my FB page or tweet me at @deafknee.

So, Can Man (or woman) really Live on Social Media Alone?

Only with your help will we know.

Ps: don’t forget to give Martin, the Love Messenger (@SMWLoveMessengr) my counterpart who is coming from London to Singapore, some support too: https://www.facebook.com/CanManLondon

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